During pre-deployment, service members work closely with family members and loved ones to complete various tasks before deployment. It’s a busy time where service members undergo training, briefings, medical evaluations and counseling. Families work together to address financial and legal matters, and everyone prepares themselves emotionally for the upcoming deployment. Here, you’ll find articles on topics relevant to service members and family members and loved ones.


Service member kissing their child
Supporting Kids During Deployment

Each situation is different, and every child may react differently. Understanding how to support children during deployment begins with paying close attention to their reactions and using available resources when needed.

Service member reading a notebook of information
Financial Matters: Five Steps to Take Before Deployment

There’s definitely a lot to think about while preparing for deployment, but it’s important to make finances a top priority. Set aside time to review finances with your loved ones before deployment so that you can have peace of mind down the road. Here are five steps to help you prepare financially for deployment.

One service member tutoring another
Legal Matters: Steps to Take Before Deployment

Your to-do list before a deployment may be long, but it’s worth taking the time to go over legal matters with your loved ones. Use the information below to get familiar with key legal items to take care of before deployment.

Service Members boarding a helicopter
Deployment Overview

As a part of the military community, the potential for long deployments away from home, family and loved ones can be a constant reality. Understanding what to expect, including the phases and possible impacts of deployment, may help you and your loved ones cope with the changes ahead.

National Guard and Reserves: Things to Know about Deployment

If you or your loved one is a member of the National Guard or reserves, balancing military service and civilian life isn’t always easy — especially when you’re preparing for deployment. Use the information below to help you through the preparation process.

Tasks & Considerations

Tasks & Considerations


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