Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Plan My Deployment?

Plan My Deployment is an online tool from Military OneSource that helps service members and families manage and build resilience throughout the deployment cycle. It organizes deployment information and resources into three phases — predeployment, deployment, and reunion/reintegration.

  • Predeployment: Learn the essentials of preparing for deployment, like organizing financial and legal matters, and preparing emotionally.
  • Deployment: Find resources to help with the challenges of separation, from maintaining good communications to practicing operational security.
  • Reunion & Reintegration: Get tips for creating your “new normal” — including how to restore routines and set realistic expectations.

Though it’s designed for service members and their families, anyone can use Plan My Deployment.

On the homepage, select one of the three phases: Predeployment, Deployment or Reunion & Reintegration. Click the red LEARN MORE button to find articles and resources applicable to that phase, as well as a list of Tasks & Considerations to help you prepare.

The articles cover a range of topics on each phase of deployment for both service and family members. They contain insights from people who have “been there” and know what you’re going through. You can choose articles that are of particular interest to you, or browse them all for an overview of that phase of deployment.

Look for a list of helpful resources at the bottom of each section. They highlight Defense Department approved programs, and a wide variety of military family readiness services that can support you in each phase of deployment.

Each deployment phase section contains a list of Tasks & Considerations with topics applicable to that particular phase. You can click the + sign at the right of each topic for a brief description and links to documents and more information.

To create your own custom task list, click the blue PRINT YOUR TASKS button at the bottom of the list. Then choose the tasks you want to add to your custom list. When you are finished, click the red PRINT YOUR TASKS button.

Yes. If you have been through a deployment before, you may be familiar with what you need to do during each phase. However, every deployment is unique, and your new situation may require planning for different circumstances. The Plan My Deployment tool can provide information on tasks that may not have applied during your last deployment.

You can find more assistance within the Military Family Readiness System, including:

  • Military and Family Support Centers — On-installation support centers provide information, briefings and support personnel to help service members and their families prepare for and navigate the deployment process.
  • Reserve Component Family Programs — National Guard and reserve component members can access service-specific family readiness services through facility-based locations, online and by telephone.

You can also access these Military OneSource resources for deployment support and information:

  • Deployment Overview — Find support for your next deployment, whether it’s your first tour of duty or your fourth.
  • Military Deployment Support — Explore tools, videos and resources to help you plan for every phase of deployment.

You can also rely on Military OneSource for free 24/7 support, tools, assistance and more. Call 800-342-9647 or schedule a live chat with a consultant. OCONUS/International? Click here for calling options.

In addition to help at your local installation, Plan My Deployment is part of the Military OneSource network, which provides 24/7 support to service members and families anywhere in the world.